Update – 1/20/2018

This site has gotten updated bigtime, the "martial arts" section is complete and the about section was updated as well. A ton of new updates are coming, and as we setup classes and get some beautiful new equipment we'd ordered, we'll be posting on it as well.



Sorry for the brief hiatus, but a lot of family issues involving my four kids, as well as the holidays took precedence. We are back 100% and big things are in the works...stay tuned...

update – 9/18/2017

A lot has been happening as of late and I will try to remember it all for this update...Good happenings, but a lot of them. Firstly, We're in the process of setting up a YouTube channel to share some of our martial arts with the world. This is something we're working on frequently, so it … Continue reading update – 9/18/2017

Update – 8-23-2017

Our hombu dojo website here was mentioned by the incomparable master founder Al Case in his recent newsletter and it was a sincere honor for him to do so (thank you greatly sir). I've recently completed his absolutely incredible master instructors course and told him about the tremendous amount of understanding I've gained through it. … Continue reading Update – 8-23-2017

Website updates – 8-12-2017

We've updated the multimedia section a bit and added a section on seminars as well. We are in the process of adding more sections to the site as well as more content to each section. Remember, this website is relatively new and is still under heavy construction, so check each section, even if you've been … Continue reading Website updates – 8-12-2017