This Hall of Fame is established to give recognition to those who exemplify the martial spirit in various avenues of the arts. Some individuals are honored post mortem and some are honored for their current contributions, but all are highly deserving individuals.

If you’d like to see someone in our Hall of Fame, from any system, submit their name and information for consideration. The more entries for an individual, the greater the likelihood of there being added. This Hall of Fame is opened to ALL martial artists and systems.

2018 Inductees to the Cook-Ryu Hombu-Dojo Hall of Fame

Jet Li – Best martial artist in cinema, for his numerous portrayals of historical figures in the Chinese martial arts.
Master founder Al Case – Founder of the year for his numerous contributions to Karate, Kung Fu and his innumerable breakthroughs in Martial arts Matrixing.
Grandmaster Helio Gracie – Grandmaster of the year and founder of the revolutionary art of Gracie Jiu Jitsu.
Brandon Cooper – Instructor of the year, founder of black dragon MMA, a consummate role model to young and old alike and an exemplary martial artist and instructor.
Martial arts hero factory – School of the year, Located in the heart of South Philadelphia and led by an amazing master John McGonicle Sr., MAHF specializes in making good kids, into great kids. Youth and adult classes are available!
Fumio Demura – Martial arts author, for his incredible works in classical weaponry, that inspired countless individuals, myself included.

2017 Inductees to the Cook-Ryu Hombu-Dojo Hall of Fame

Bruce Lee (R.I.P.) – Best martial artist in cinema
Sho Dai Soke John Cozatt – Founder of the year for Renzoku Jiu jitsu and Kan Shu Kenpo Karate
Grandmaster Tim Layton – Grandmaster of the year, 9th Dan in Kan Shu Kenpo, 6th Dan in Shotokan karate and many more
Bud Bennett – Instructor of the year, beloved by all of his students, highly sought after, world champion competitor and hugely respected around the globe.
Sang H. Kim – Author of the year, for his seminal work “Ultimate Flexibility” that has often been emulated, but never duplicated.
Antony Cummins – For his outstanding research work on the feudal Japanese Samurai and Ninja and for his translations of many of the classical ninja scrolls.