Cook-Ryu Hombu Dojo offers seminars on various topics from instructor courses, to our arts to weaponry. Sho Dai Soke Cook is available for one, two and three day seminars throughout the year, 365 days. The school requesting the seminar will cover travel expenses and simple hotel lodging for Sho Dai Soke Cook as well as the fee listed below;

  • Instructor course – This is a course designed to teach individuals how to become successful instructors in their chosen art (Not our arts). Instructor course seminars are 80$ per individual, per day, with a minimum of four people and two days. Example 4 people x’s 80 = 320$ x’s 2 days = 640$. Upon graduating the course, the individuals will receive a certificate of completion.
  • Renketsu-Te Karate-Do or Shaolin Supreme Phoenix Fist – This seminar program is designed to teach some of the core elements of our arts, as well as some of the kata and to promote a solid foundation in them. Those who complete this intensive course will garner a certificate of basic training in the chosen style. This seminar is 4 hours a day for three days and cost 100$ per student, per day or 800$ school wide (all students in a school may attend)
  • Weapons seminar – This can include any one of the 5 classical kubuto weapons from Okinawa or any one of the 18 weapons of traditional Chinese kung fu. Students must have their own weapons. This can be anywhere from a single day seminar to three days with the cost being 50$ per student, per day.

Lunch should be provided by the school (Can be as simple as hot dogs) for all students and instructors. All seminars should be setup no sooner than three months in advance to allow as many to show as possible.