Cook-Ryu Hombu Dojo was founded by Sho Dai Soke Frederick W. Cook on August, 1st, 2017 for several key reasons;

  1. To begin teaching the Cook-Ryu family martial arts to others.
  2. To teach other arts that Sho Dai Soke Cook studied(s) to dan level.
  3. To serve as a governing body over all students of Sho Dai Soke Cook’s martial arts.
  4. To preserve the teachings and to certify students who earn legitimate ranks and degrees thereof.
  5. To promote Cook-Ryu martial arts to the world.

Sho Dai Soke Cook has studied the following systems;

1st Dan (WTF) Tae Kwon Do – Kim’s Karate
2nd degree black belt Bak Sil Lum Quan (Northern Shaolin fist) – Sifu Shi Gan Min
1st Dan Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do – Ed Dewitt (R.I.P.)
1st level instructor Doce Pares Kali- Aaron Lee
Instructor Sekiguchi-Ryu (Swordsmanship) – Ed Dewitt (R.I.P.)
Blue belt with a stripe Gracie Jiu Jitsu – Gracie Bara of Tucson
Catch as catch can wrestling – Black flag jiu-jitsu club
Chinese Sanshou – instructor level
Sho Dai Soke Renketsu-Te Karate-Do

He is a current student of Kan Shu Kenpo Karate under Sho Dai Soke John Cozatt and 9th Dan Tim Layton, Butterfly Pa Kua Chang under Master Founder Al Case and Shotokan Karate under Master Tim Layton.

RTKD seal center

The seal of the Cook-Ryu family was agreed upon 3//20/2013 and is utilized on all official documents and properties of the Cook family. It is the representation of the four elements (earth, air, fire and water) circling on a pinwheel, encompassed by a thick black circle, which represents the circle or wheel of life, death and continuation. The moon can be seen beneath it rising, representing the rising of night and fearlessness in the face of the unknown/uncertainty.


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